Did someone say... Chai Tea & Waffles?

Come check us out! You wont be disappointed. We are located at 841 N Tarrant Pkwy Suite 100, Keller, TX.

A Family Recipe

All the flavor you never knew you needed!

To Chai For is a family owned and operated Chai Tea Café. Our Chai is hand-made... We cannot give you all of our secrets... But rest assured, we blend all the best sourced spices to create something we know you'll love.

~ The Atkissons

The Story

Meet The Atkissons

To Chai For was born on the mission field. The Atkisson chai recipe was inspired by the spices and flavors that Danny's parents encountered as missionaries in India. Danny and Joy would make the family chai recipe and invite friends over to drink chai and play cards. Over the years Danny changed and adapted the original family recipe to create a one-of-a-kind masala chai. Now they love connecting with the community in Keller, Texas over a cup of chai and tasty handheld waffles. To Chai For is truly a family business.

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Cold Drinks:

Ready To Go: Organic Milk & Chocolate Milk. Honest Kids Juice Box. Izzie Sparkling Juice..... Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water... Bottled Water...............

Frozen Frappe Lattes: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Carmel, White Chocolate, Lavender, Sugar Free Vanilla, Sugar Free Hazelnut, Sugar Free Carmel.

Frozen Frappe Chai Latte
Frozen Frappe Dirty Chai Latte
Matcha Latte Frozen Frappe.

Dairy Free Substitute: Oat Milk Vanilla Sweet Cream

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Waffles & Waffle Pockets!

Waffles: Churro Waffle, Powdered Sugar Waffle, Plain Waffle, Cheddar Waffle, Bacon Cheddar Waffle, Breakfast Waffle.
Make it gluten free?!

Keto Waffle: bacon and cheese cooked in an egg only batter
** please talk to one of our Chai-istas for availability **
** Organic maple syrup on the side **

Build Your Waffle Pocket
Choose your protein: Ham or Turkey
Choose your cheese: Cheddar or Pepper Jack
Add your dipping sauce: Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Honey Mustard, Maple Syrup

Have a Scone
* Scone flavors vary. Please check with one of our Chai-istas for the scone flavors currently being offered

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